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TRAILCAT The Race is an ENDURANCE TRAIL sporting event organized by the Trailgat Hiking Club that aims to carry out a series of specific routes WITHOUT BEACONS, using GPS navigation, without exceeding the established time and in semi-self-sufficiency.


Sub 18 (menors) will not be allowed to participate.


The participant must master the necessary techniques and have the appropriate preparation to face this challenge: mastery of orientation techniques, preparation to withstand changing natural conditions, ability to assist other runners if necessary and tolerance to fatigue, lack of sleep and eating problems.

The route will NOT be marked.


It is mandatory to carry a GPS device with the official track to orient yourself. See the mandatory material for each distance.

The tour must be done semi-self-sufficient. (supply stations and life bases very far apart)

On the website you can check the distances between refreshment stations


The GPX track will not be provided to the runners until 15-20 days before the start of the test.


Participants will manage their rest periods as they see fit.

Throughout the route the organization will provide living bases and refreshment stations where participants have a rest and refreshment area.

Since the organization has a limited number of beds/mattresses in each Living Base, the availability of sleeping beds is limited on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on the runners' demand for rest, a maximum time of 1 hour will be available to guarantee everyone's rest (only if all the beds are occupied).



TRAILCAT 25 | Between 40 km and 50 km | 14 hours maximum time

TRAILCAT 50 | Between 75 km and 85 km | 22 hours maximum time

TRAILCAT 100 | Between 155 km and 175 km | 48 hours maximum time (2 days)

TRAILCAT 200 | Between 290 km and 320 km | 86 hours maximum time (3 and a half days)

FINAL DISTANCE OF THE COURSE: Being a race through orientation. The track provided by the organization will always mark a distance less than the final distance traveled by the participant. In order to know approximately what final distance you will end up doing, we recommend adding between 5%-8% to the track provided by the organization.


  • Individual

  • Teams (see annex at the end of the regulation)


GPX tracks are NOT available until 15-20 days before the event. On the website you have the basic information to prepare for the race.

The distance and gradient of the tests may differ depending on the program or support where we load the tracks.


1.- The event is based on ethics and essential values that must be shared by the runners, sponsors, volunteers and organization.


2.1- The event is celebrated with absolute respect for the environment. The organization will avoid cutting off traffic at all times and participants must respect road rules in towns and roads of public use and domain.

2.2.-Participants who show offensive attitudes or throw garbage in nature will be disqualified from the competition, and it is mandatory to respect crops, livestock and private property in general. Participants will be responsible for any damage caused as a result of this type of behavior.


3.1.- The event participates in the anti-doping policy and promotes a healthy activity that respects natural abilities, based on effort and training.

3.2.- To translate these values into facts, the organization can carry out random controls: before, during and after the test.

3.3.- The runner agrees to accept the taking of urine or blood samples and the performance of the corresponding analysis.

3.4.- The expenses inherent to the extraction and analysis are not the responsibility of the runner.


4.1.- Only registrations made through the official website will be accepted, completing the necessary fields and paying the registration fee outlined by credit/debit card.

4.2.- Each participant must correctly and truthfully complete all of their personal data, since these will be checked by the organization during the withdrawal of numbers.


included in the registration price and valid during the event dates.


6.1.- Once registration has been made, under no circumstances can the number be saved for later editions.

6.2.- A change of number to another runner may be made up to 30 days before the event.

6.3.- The official channel for incidents with registrations is: It will not be attended to by any other means.

6.4.- Registration may be modified to a lower level as long as there are places available up to 30 days before the event. (management cost €15) and the difference will be paid.

6.5.- External cancellation insurance is available that gives the right to a 100% refund of the registration. The cost is 10% of the registration and you will be given the option to contract it before making the payment and after having filled out the information in the registration form.

6.6.- In 100% of cases, 15 days before the event it is not possible to make any modification to the registration.

6.7.- For registrations made in the last 30 days before the event, the organization cannot guarantee the size of the t-shirt selected in the registration.

6.8.- In case of suspension or cancellation of the test due to COVID regulations, 100% of the registration will be refunded.

6.9.- The organization reserves the right to cancel the event until before departure if the physical integrity of the participants is in danger for meteorological reasons or due to a resurgence and worsening of the pandemic situation in the area.

6.10.- The organization is not responsible for extra expenses related to registration such as commission for the registration platform, accommodation or travel in case of cancellation of the event.

6.11.- Registration will be closed once the limit of participants or the announced deadline has been exceeded.

6.12.- The organization reserves the right to modify the number of initial places registered.

6.13.- The organization is not responsible for contractual relationships between participants and external services.

6.14.- The resale of registration rights without permission from the organization and the subsequent participation with another person's number may have penalties for both the seller and the buyer; and the possibility of taking actions against both.


7.1.- If the situation demands it, the organization may make the following modifications:

a) Modify the routes

b) Activate alternative routes

c) Modify departure times

d) Modify the Sanitary protocol depending on what the epidemiological moment requires

e) Modify the location of the food stations or life bases

f) Modify the content of the supplies and life bases

g) Modify the departure and arrival point


8.1.- All participants must:

  • Be of legal age

  • Know and accept the conditions of this Regulation

  • Know and accept the disclaimer

  • Have completed and paid the registration correctly



  • If mandatory, accept the DISCLAIMER OF RESPONSIBILITIES AND PHYSICAL FITNESS that you can find at the end of this regulation


10.1.- The organizing entity reserves exclusively the right to the image of the event, as well as the audiovisual, photographic and journalistic exploitation of the competition.

10.2.- Any media or advertising project must previously have the express written consent of the organization. Otherwise, any legal actions deemed appropriate will be taken.

10.3.- It will be mandatory for runners to use and place in the indicated space the advertising material provided by the organization (bibs, stickers, etc.).

10.4.- Modifying, folding or hiding advertising material will be PENALIZED. In addition, it will be the responsibility of the participants to maintain said material (numbers, stickers, etc.).

10.5.- By registering, participants give their consent for the organization of the event to automatically process their personal data for sporting, promotional or commercial purposes only.

10.6.- As established by Organic Law 15/1995, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, the participant has the right to access these files with the aim of rectifying or canceling their content in whole or in part. For this purpose, a request must be made in writing to the following address:

10.7.- Likewise, those registered expressly cede to the organization the right to reproduce the name and surname, classification obtained and that of the participant, the category, the sports brand created and their image.


11.1.- The use of chip and/or bib number or GPS beacon delivered by the organization to the runner is mandatory throughout the race.

11.2.- The bib number must be placed on the runner visibly in the front part of the body. It may not be folded or cut.

11.3.- Tampering or transferring the number may be grounds for immediate penalty or disqualification.


12.1.- The organization will determine on the event website (see), the mandatory material to be able to carry out each test (distance). This material can be modified until the last day depending on the forecast weather conditions.

12.2.- To participate in the test, each athlete must carry with them, throughout the entire course, the mandatory material required by the organization.
12.3.- The organization may supervise the required material at any point along the route, before departure and after arrival.



13.1.- The stopwatch will start at the established time with or without the presence of the participants.

13.2.- Before the start, you must pass the mandatory material control, collect the GPS beacon and deliver the life bag, so participants must be at least 1 HOUR before starting.


14.1.- They are located at points already outlined in the profile. Skipping one means disqualification.

14.2.- There may be surprise checkpoints.

14.3.- Passage controls can be automatic or manual; In the case of manuals, they may include the broker's signature.

14.4.- It is the runner's responsibility to ensure that his passing times are recorded at each checkpoint.


15.1.- Refreshment points are checkpoints established by the organization to stock up on liquids, solids or both.

15.2.- There will be no glasses, so each runner must bring their own container (check the mandatory material).


16.1.- Some checkpoints will have closing time control. (see event infographic)

16.2.- Participants who arrive or have not registered their passage through the checkpoint after the established closing time will automatically be excluded from the race. .

16.3.- To be authorized to continue the test, participants must leave the crossing point before the indicated deadline.

16.4.-Any participant disqualified by the organization who wants to continue the route will do so under their own responsibility after having returned their race number and GPS beacon, if any, continuing without provisioning service, life base, or assistance from the organization. organization



17.1.- Abandonments must be made in towns, provisioning stations or living bases.

17.2.- If due to an accident or injury the runner is immobilized and cannot reach a town, provisioning station or life base, the rescue operation will be activated by contacting 112 and the organization via the emergency mobile phone (available on the back).

17.3.- The organization will facilitate the return by vehicle to runners who abandon and are in a town, refreshment station or living base.

17.4.- In case of abandonment at any other point of the route, except in emergencies or injury, the runners must organize themselves by their own means to reach a town, food station or life base.

17.5.- The competitor will assume all responsibility from the moment he voluntarily abandons the test.

17.6.- For the good of the event as a whole, an exact transportation time for the runner who has abandoned cannot be guaranteed. In any case, at the latest it would be done when the supply station or life base closes or after the last runner has passed.


18.1.- Race directors may withdraw a runner from the competition when they consider that he or she has reduced physical or technical capabilities as a result of fatigue, does not have the mandatory equipment, or is not in an appropriate condition to continue in the race.

18.2.- Race directors may suspend, shorten, modify, neutralize or stop the race for safety or force majeure reasons beyond their control and not attributable to the organization (meteorology, variations in hydrographic flow, etc.)

18.2.- Your decision is final.


19.1.- Assistance to runners in all modalities will be allowed at the life bases indicated in the runner's guides and infographics 100 meters before or after the life base.

19.2.- Attendees must comply with the same race and health regulations as the runners.

19.3.- Entry to the life bases to replace liquids or solids is only allowed for runners.

19.4.- At the refreshment stations, the runner can only be supplied with liquid and solid food; Helping with materials (clothes, canes, etc...) is totally prohibited.

19.5.- At the Aid Stations, there are no chairs to sit on.

Failure to comply will result in disqualification of the runner.


20.1.- Only running can be used as a means of progression, and any type of external help or implement other than the physical ones and hiking poles is prohibited.

20.2.- For safety reasons, the use of poles is prohibited during the first kilometer of the race.

20.3.- Participants will be obliged to carry the canes in such a way as to avoid harming the rest of the participants during the entire time that they are not being used.


21.1.- Participants who wish to use the backpack change service during the race will be given a life bag at the bib delivery with a capacity of 60 parox liters.

21.2.- The material you wish to receive at the life base or life bases must be placed in said bag and delivered before departure to the point enabled by the organization.

21.3 It must fit in a single bag and it must be able to be closed so that materials are not lost.

21.4.- The material that the participant leaves at the life base will be returned to the finish area for collection when the last runner has passed that point.

21.5.- If there is more than one life base, the life bag will be taken to all life bases and returned to the goal after the last life base


22.1.- The cloakroom service will be open until 30 minutes before departure time.

22.2.- The material you want to leave must occupy a maximum of 40cm x 50 cm and must be well stored in a bag or backpack (not provided by the organization).

22.3.- Once at the finish line, belongings can be collected.

22.4.- The organization is not responsible for the objects left inside the bags.

22.5.-There will be no pick-up outside the hours established in the race program.

22.6.-Uncollected bags will be donated to a social action ONG.


23.1.- Every runner has the duty to provide help to another participant who is in danger or injured at the request of another runner or the organization. Deprivation of assistance will be penalized with immediate disqualification.

23.2.- It is the obligation of each runner to carry with them any waste they generate: packaging, paper, organic waste, etc., to the places designated and enabled by the organization. A baton broken in competition may be handed in at a control. The competitor who does not deposit them or leaves them in a prepared area will be penalized.

23.3.- The food carried by the runner must be marked with the bib number.

23.4.- Participants must follow, at all times and throughout the entire route, the instructions of the members of the organization.

23.5. Competitors must behave in a sporting manner at all times and be respectful of other athletes, stewards and other members of the organization. In addition, they must be careful with the facilities set up for testing.



A runner who commits any of the offenses indicated above may be penalized or disqualified.

A penalty or disqualification of a runner will occur when he or she incurs any of the points indicated below (the referee team will have the power to issue warnings, if it considers it appropriate, before applying a penalty):

24.1. Not respecting the route itinerary to take a shortcut. (penalty 2 hours)

20.2. Receive help or supplies (except aid) from any external person, outside the areas authorized for this purpose. (penalty 2 hours)

24.3. Change or modify material posted by the organization. (penalty 5 hours)

24.4. Throw rubbish during the journey. (2 hour penalty)

24.5. Prevent being overtaken or hindering another runner. (1 hour penalty)

24.6. Do not go through any of the checkpoints (3 to 6 hours)

24.7.- Help from the organization. For reasons of safety and health of the participants, the organization may be forced to mobilize one or several runners from one point to another with vehicles. In this case, the race directors will determine the time penalty to apply based on the nature and impact of the same.

24.8. It will be the responsibility of the race committee to establish new penalties not classified in these regulations and the severity of these, which will range between time penalty, disqualification and expulsion from the event based on the criteria of severity and proportionality of the same.



25.1. Provoking a sporting incident (aggression or insult) to a competitor, member of the organization, referee team or spectator.

25.2. Voluntarily causing an accident.

25.3. Not carrying the material required by the organization at any checkpoint. (includes mandatory material, race number or GPS beacon)

25.4. Do not pay attention to the instructions of the organization, commissioner referees or collaborators (Mossos d'esquadra, Urban Police, Local Police, Civil Protection, Health, Firefighters, etc.).

25.5.- The accumulation of 3 penalties


26.1.- The age to be taken into consideration will be that of the participant on the day of the test.

26.2.- All finishers will have an exclusive finisher garment

26.3.- All individual races will have the following categories:

Absolute: Trophy and gifts to the top 3 male or female finishers. (the category will be canceled if there is no mixed podium)

Men's General: Trophy and gifts to the first 3 finishers

Female general: Trophy and gifts to the first 3 finishers.

26.4.- Team races will have the following categories:

Absolute: Trophy + Ham to the first 1 finishers of the 3 distances

2nd and 3rd: Trophy

26.5.- The awards ceremonies will all take place on Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

For runners who have reached the finish line with the right to receive awards one day before the awards ceremony, the organization will provide their overnight stay and dinner if necessary in the gastrobar shelter (1st base of life). contact pc control for their management

IMPORTANT, the right to claim the trophy and gifts will be lost if you are not present at the awards ceremony.



27.1.- All claims will be accepted up to 30 minutes after the runner's arrival. Claims will be made in writing and must comply with a minimum type of format, which will include the following:

Name and surname of the person who carried it out, DNI, name and surname of the affected athlete(s), bib number and facts alleged with a witness.

27.2.- Claims regarding provisional classifications may be submitted up to 30 minutes after the publication of the classifications and with a telephone response within 1 hour.



28.1.- The organization reserves the right to suspend the test due to force majeure, under alert from the competent authorities and/or very adverse meteorological phenomena.

28.2.- In such case the organization will not have the obligation to refund the full amount of the registrations.



The formalization of registration for the event implies acceptance of the provisions contained in these regulations, including the disclaimer.


This regulation can be corrected, modified or improved at any time by the organization, as well as any data, rule or section for optimal performance of the test. The fact of registering shows the participant's agreement with these regulations.

30.1.- TRACKS. The tracks are 90% available as a guide on the website. For reasons external to the organization and passing the route through natural parks that influence the nesting and breeding of protected species, the final tracks will not be available until days before the race and they will be sent to you by email with the download link to all participants




1.- Distances 25, 50, 100 and 200.

2.- Team of 2 ABSOLUTE participants (including: male, female and mixed).

3.- They must complete the entire route.

4.- They must arrive together at each aid station, life base and goal.

5.- If a runner abandons during the course, the team is disqualified, but the runner who does not abandon can continue in the race in the individual mode.

6.- Awards: To the first classified team of each distance (ham + trophy).

7.- The runners of the winning teams are NOT eligible for prizes in the individual classification.



1 That I have read and fully accept the regulations.

2 That I am sure that I am physically and psychologically well prepared to carry out the event because I have followed the appropriate medical checks to guarantee that I am in good health and that I do not suffer from any illness, allergy, physical defect, injury or cardiorespiratory condition that would make my participation inadvisable.

3 That I am fully aware of the hardness, route, profile and distance of the event because I have consulted and studied it previously

4 That I am aware that these types of events carry a risk for the participants. For this reason, I attend voluntarily and under my responsibility, fully assuming the risks and consequences derived from participation itself. Therefore, I exonerate the organization, collaborators, sponsors and other participants from any responsibility for any physical or material damage that may occur to me; Therefore, I renounce filing a complaint or lawsuit against those advertised.

5 That I have sufficient knowledge and technical skill to guarantee my own safety, taking into account the natural environment and the conditions of autonomy of the event.

6 That I have the sports and safety equipment required by the event. I guarantee that the material is in good condition, that I have the knowledge to use it properly and that I will carry it with me throughout the event.

7 That I undertake to comply with the safety standards and protocols established by the organization, as well as to maintain responsible behavior that does not increase the risks to my physical or mental integrity. I will follow the instructions and abide by the decisions made by those responsible for the organization (judges, doctors and organizers)

8 That I authorize the event's medical services to perform any cure or action that they consider appropriate at any time during the event. I agree to leave the event and allow my hospitalization, if they deem it necessary for my health.

9 That I authorize the organization of the event to take and use any photography, filming or recording that is made, as long as they are exclusively related to my participation in this event, and not to receive any type of compensation in exchange.

10 That before or during the event I will not consume prohibited substances, considered doping by the different federations. The organization can pass anti-doping control to any participant.

11 That I am aware that my registration is personal and non-transferable, for which reason I will not assign or sell it to any person.

12 That I agree to follow the general guidelines of respect for others and the environment, as listed below:

a) Travel with caution and according to road rules, on tracks, trails and open roads

to traffic.

b) Transit, little by little, with the presence of people, animals or vehicles.

c) Do not cause alterations in the natural processes and functioning of ecosystems.

d) Do not deteriorate the biotic, geological, cultural, or environmental resources in general.

e) Avoid or avoid sensitive environmental areas.

f) Perform physiological needs in optimal places, or in any case, outside of water points and away from places of passage or gatherings of people.

g) Do not light a fire or cause fire risk situations.

h) Do not use or install any type of structure or element that leaves a permanent mark in the environment.

i) Do not throw or abandon objects or solid or liquid waste outside of the places expressly enabled for their collection.

j) Do not leave the marked route.

k) Close the doors or cattle lines that I am forced to open as I pass.

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