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If you want to live a unique experience, join our community of volunteers!

The TRAILCAT The Race is already underway, preparing its 2025 edition (4th edition). The event will take place from March 12 to 16, and will be made up of 4 very long distance mountain races in a format without marking and in self-sufficiency that make this event a unique experience sharing many hours with the runner and his environment. .

It is a special race, very hard and 4 days long. The wear and tear is very high and you must be in good physical and mental condition to be able to volunteer. Every day we face new challenges and we could say that being part of the TRAILCAT The Race team gives you the experience and knowledge to become a supervolunteer in trail running events.

If you like emotions, this is your career!


We will take care of your accommodation and food during the 4 days if you need it and we will give you a commemorative garment of the test.


The selection process is very selective and many factors will be taken into account. Once the application is completed, our team will contact you. Preference will be given to requests that have greater availability of full days and previous experience in the same event.

As a volunteer you will be able to develop your skills and belong to the team of people who will be in charge of developing in the best possible way an event that is an adventure for runners and companions.

With this competition we intend to make the Muntanyes Costa Daurada known internationally, promote its tourism and give greater visibility to this wonderful place. It is a great opportunity, a perfect time to show the culture, the traditions, the hospitality of the people and the wide variety of activities it has to offer.


- Refreshments for the 200 miles (camper required)

- Short distance refreshments

- Life Bases

- Transportation and logistics of life bags

- Number and exit management

- Start/finish assembly and disassembly

- Photography
- Rescue and emergency services

- Finisher experience ARRIVALS

- Press and protocol

- CECOC (Race Control Center)

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